Pitching Trick for Fellow Wannabees

Wannabehacks has been kind to me…

The website www.wannabehacks.co.uk is the British hub for young journalists’ advice. The site was set up in 2010. It is currently run by five fellow aspiring journalists, two of which study in the same year as me at City University London.

The idea is simple: share your knowledge as young journalists! Help your peers. Give each other a hand, and show some love and collegiality. The site has built up a bulk of interesting articles, for people trying to storm the front of the journalism sector.

Here’s a small contribution I made:

(Click on picture for link… or try http://bit.ly/sWGF73)

Hope it is as useful to others as it has been to me!


About laurenscerulus

AKA reporter for Deutsche Welle, The Independent, Monocle24... AKA editor @ youropa.org FKA trainee journalist @ BBC World Service, Monocle, De Morgen, MO* FKA foreign editor @ Veto student newspaper, Belgium. FKA student of modern history @ KULeuven | international relations @ UCLouvain.

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