Civil protest 2.0

I published a short interview with Ronny Edry in the October-issue of MO*, the Belgian magazine on international and humanitarian affairs. Edry is a graphic designer based in Tel Aviv who made international headlines with his initiative ‘Israel Loves Iran’: an online campaign to bring Israeli and Iranian citizens to connect. 

Edry has been designing posters with messages of Israeli-Iranian peace ever since he put a picture of his daughter and him online in March. That first picture read “Iranians: We will never bomb your country. We love you”. Without realising it, Edry launched a campaign: he instantly received mails and pictures from Israeli and Iranian citizens supporting the idea, and has started each day with a full inbox ever since. He transforms their kind words into stylish posters and puts them online on the campaign’s facebook page.

Recently, Edry started showing his posters out on the streets of Tel Aviv. “A picture of an Iranian soldier asking for peace, pasted on the side of a bus stop in the centre of Tel Aviv: that’s a strong statement,” says Edry. The campaign changes how people think about the Israeli-Iranian conflict, he believes.

Read the short interview in Dutch here or click on the picture below. A longer interview is due to appear on – TBC!


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