Secrecy of investigation

Although the unfortunate and dramatic gunning down of the British oil executive in Brussels happened almost two weeks ago, the British press picked it up today.

Nicholas Mockford was an executive manager working for the regional Benelux division of the oil giant ExxonMobil and living in Brussels, Belgium. In a mysterious assassination, he was shot cold-bloodedly after having dined with his wife at an restaurant in a suburb of Brussels.

The Belgian police handed over the investigation to Brussels’ prosecutor Martine Quintin. She decided to hold back all details of the investigation – a common practice in Belgian murder investigations. “All details on the investigation are secret, in order not to endanger the progress of our search for the perpetrators of the murder,” a spokesperson of the prosecutor’s office in Brussels told me.

Unusual to a British audience, and so the UK media reacted in shock when The Telegraph first picked up on the story. But though this secrecy seems odd, it is no reason to publish rather unfounded theories as truth.

The story now makes headlines in tomorrow’s UK papers, including the report of Paul Peachey and myself in The Independent.

More details on the investigation will come out as the investigation progresses, but at this time it is difficult to predict what caused this terrible killing. The relatives of Nicholas Mockford are in the dark regarding the underlying reasons for the murder, something the investigation can hopefully solve very soon.

To read the story, please click on the picture below.

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With thanks to @Peachey_Paul of The Independent crime desk.


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