Australia’s Pacific Solution returns with a vengeance

One of the articles I worked on in the past months slipped through the cracks of this blogfolio. It was published in the February edition of MO* magazine, but didn’t appear on this webspace just yet.

So, here it is – I’m re-publishing the piece. It is an analysis of the return of Australia’s offshore detention centres for asylum seekers, a policy dubbed the ‘Pacific Solution’.

Last year, Australia digged up a former policy line of sending boat refugees to offshore detention centres located on Nauru, an independent island state, and Manus Island, part of Papua New Guinea. This ‘Pacific Solution’ was initially introduced by the Liberal-National coalition government in 2001. It ended in 2008, after heavy criticism by human rights organisations and the Labor opposition. In the midst of a new refugee crisis situation last summer, the Labor government reintroduced the policy and hastily reinstalled the offshore detention centres…

Have a full read by clicking on the picture. This article is in Dutch – apologies to all of you who struggle reading it.

Australia's asylum system - MO* Febr

(The piece was also published here, on MO* magazine’s website.)

* * *

For those interested in further info on this policy: some of the problems pointed out in my piece are described in this TIME magazine article.

And if you really want to get your heads around the issue, ABC produced this 45-minutes documentary in March, taking a close look at the offshore ‘processing centres’ and describing the asylum debate in Australia.


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