‘Here come the eurosceptics!’

On 13 November 2013, Marine Le Pen, queen of the French extreme-right, visited Dutch arch-populist Geert Wilders in the latter’s home base, The Hague in The Netherlands. Turns out, Marine and Geert are like peas and carrots: they are now planning a pan-European alliance, including a faction in the next European Parliament.

Ever since that Wednesday in The Hague, Europe’s mainstream politicians have been holding their breath, fearing a surge in anti-EU MEPs in the next European Parliament.

The media, too, has its eyes on what eurosceptics are up to. Food for analysis as well as speculation, as everyone tries to figure out how disruptive – if not destructive – this group of eurosceptics will be in the coming five years.

On 11 March, I had the pleasure to discuss the campaign plans of this future eurosceptic alliance on the Slovenian broadcaster, RTV Slovenija. The programme, called Globus, was recorded in Strasbourg and features candidates for the EU Commission presidency Martin Schulz and Guy Verhofstadt, the centre-right party president Joseph Daul and many others.


Globus_screenshot(Click to go RTV Slovenija’s online video player. Segment starts at 3min 20sec)

Some of my pieces on the subject:

Recommended reading:

  • This piece by US-based researcher Cas Mudde, discussing the impact of eurosceptics in the next EU Parliament, is a must-read on the subject. Published in November – still right on the money.



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