Interactive map — Brussels lobbyists’ square mile

Political gravity is pulling organisations closer to the European Parliament’s premises in Brussels. That’s the story we ran on, May 20.

Tara Palmeri, reporter at POLITICO in Brussels, checked with lobbying organisations across town to understand why more and more of them were moving to the streets and squares surrounding the Parliament. The move is also causing the value of buildings and office spaces to rise in the proximity of Place Luxembourg, Square de Meeûs and adjacent streets.

When discussing at the story, we decided to run a map of lobbyist locations all across Brussels, inspired by The New York Times’ 2013 map. A birds-eye view of the quartier européen would give an insights in what locations are most popular with the public affairs people.

Link to the interactive version of the map on


What the map shows is a strong concentration in the areas surrounding Square de Meeûs and Luxembourg Square — or ‘Plux’ as it’s more commonly referred to by the EU folks — in Brussels.

Schuman, and the adjacent streets like Rue Froissart, too have quite a bit of lobbying organisations which set up shop. But it’s less of a hotspot than you’d expect from the roundabout that lodges both the European Council’s and the European Commission’s official HQs.

This map is based on the details that have been provided voluntarily by the lobby organisations. The data was extracted from the Transparency Register one day before publication. The size of the dots correspond to the number of people working in the offices.

And now for the disclaimer. The map shows a selection of the whole register, because it only visualises those organisations with their headquarters in Brussels. It gives a decent overview of where the action is at in Brussels. But….

The details of Brussels lobbying are murky — and the map is not free of mistakes. Relying on data that has been provided by lobby organisations themselves is not without risk. To illustrate this point, I left that one organisation with 173,813 members on there. Go fish.


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